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Benefits of natural births

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Pregnancy is a physiologic process meaning it's a normal process. However, the increasing medicalization of childbirth is a norm due to fear of complications associated with delivery. 

Are there benefits of allowing women to have medication-free childbirth? You need to consider several factors before opt-in for natural birth. 

Here are some benefits.

  • It makes women feel empowered
  • Freedom to move and change positions as you wish
  • No side effects associated with medications such as epidural anaesthesia
  • Early bonding with your baby and immediate commencement of breastfeeding
  • Decrease chance of interventions
  • Feeling of sense of accomplishment.

Before deciding to opt for a natural birth, talk to your doctor to assess you and advise you accordingly. 

Do you know any benefits of natural birth? 

Posted : 07/11/2021 2:57 pm