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What are the components requires for preparation for childbirth?

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It is important to prepare for delivery as you approach your due date. This preparation requires health education about labor, childbirth, and the immediate period after birth. Some of the components of the preparation include

  • You should know the normal natural process of labor and birth
  • Factors that facilitate normal labor and how to use them
  • Signs of labor; you should learn how to differentiate between latent and active labor symptoms
  • Know when to call your health care provider
  • Choose where you want to give birth
  • When to go to the hospital
  • Arrange transportation and whom to stay with your other kids
  • Learn different ways of comfort during labor and the importance of labor support
  • The role of pain in labor and different options of pain relief during labor
  • How routine interventions can influence your the course of labor and childbirth
  • Different positions for delivery
  • Newborn care: Choosing a pediatrician, circumcision, rooming-in, cord care etc
  • The benefits of breastfeeding your baby, how to commence early breastfeeding.
  • Immunization of your baby
  • Expectation after baby goes back home.