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Do you have a written birth plan? This is why you should have one.

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Pregnancy is a dynamic process and your plans can change at the last minute depending on several factors. Nevertheless, there is a need for you to have a written plan. 

The plan may differ between pregnant women depending on your choices, where you want to give birth (whether hospital or home). 

Your plans should include 3 things that will help you cope with labor and childbirth. These include The things that will help you feel confident in yourself, your freedom to help reduce pain and discomfort, and support from your friends, families and health care workers. 

The benefits of having a plan include: 

  • The plan can help you be actively involved in making decisions about your labor and birth
  • Opportunity for the health care team to know what is important to you
  • Provide an avenue for discussion between you and your partner
  • It can help the health care providers to provide you with personalized care based on your wishes
  • Birth plans reduce conflicts and misunderstandings between you and your health care providers. 

What are the things discussed in the birth plans?

  • Comfort measures such as massage, birthing balls, music, eating and drinking during labor etc.
  • Different options of pain relief such as epidural, narcotics etc
  • Support from families and friends during labor
  • Medical procedures such as episiotomy, use of oxytocin
  • Newborn care such as bonding, breastfeeding choice.